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We are consistently voted "The Best Kosher Caterer" by local JTNews readers. Since my Orthodox conversion 18 years ago, I am dedicated to elevating the expectations consumers have about kosher food. The community has been supportive of my catering service in a way that goes beyond business as usual.

It is my good fortune to be from Seattle, a city renown for its foodies and eclectic social conscience. Within this Jewish community, we have a long-standing Ashkenazi and Separdi blend of food and ritual. I learn from some of the best Jewish mothers in the city ~ young and old! Through the pages of this website and over time, I look forward to expanding my own learning of the foods Jews eat; classic and trendy, vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free and dairy free.....and, all kosher.

Feeding a community

All aspects of Jewish life are expressed with food, both traditional and trendy. Kashrut adds layers of holiness and meaning. Join me in a community of Jewish cooks who are excited to share their regional specialties and global perspectives on food in a Jewish context. Become a Supporting Member ~ its' FREE! Build your profile, share your recipes and feel free to contact me with questions, requests and comments. 

May we all be blessed for the love we share through food ~ Leah


Back in the Kitchen
Posted: July 30, 2012

The "Three Weeks" and "Nine Days" are over. I'm guilty of conflicting feelings; on one hand, the period of mourning should be just that and a time of reflection. That said, as a very busy caterer, I look forward to the down time. Parties are incongruous with the solemnity commemorating the destruction of The Temple. Kids are off to camps. I can catch up on paperwork....and, sleep.

People wonder how I do "it", party after party, simcha after simcha. Shabbat is necessary and I love, love that a power greater than myself gives me permission to do nothing one day a week. I need that; boy do I ever. And, once a year, I need the "Three Weeks" and this year more than ever. It's been crazy busy, thank G-d. With Aviva in Israel for a month and the Fourth of July behind me, I relish a few weeks without events....and, a few weeks to play in the new video kitchen.

Back in the Kitchen

Working on new videos

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She's Back!
Posted: July 4, 2012

Great news for both Leah's Catering and Cleo is back! Bringing her infectious energy as chef and talented food stylist, I look forward to playing in the kitchen with her. This is a picture from the past ~ we'll need to update our photos.

Leah and Cleo 

Welcome back Cleo ~ we love you!

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New Video Kitchen
Posted: July 4, 2012

I am remiss in uploading new content. The catering business is crazy busy (thank G-d) and I've been diligent in producing successful events. I have missed blogging and uploading the many recipes and photos piling up on my desk. In between events, the last 6 months are spent cobbling together a new kitchen for video shoots. Combined with the many hours dedicated to the project by videographer Gordon Modin, we're thrilled to have a space that allows for easy production shoots.


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