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We are consistently voted "The Best Kosher Caterer" by local JTNews readers. Since my Orthodox conversion 18 years ago, I am dedicated to elevating the expectations consumers have about kosher food. The community has been supportive of my catering service in a way that goes beyond business as usual.

It is my good fortune to be from Seattle, a city renown for its foodies and eclectic social conscience. Within this Jewish community, we have a long-standing Ashkenazi and Separdi blend of food and ritual. I learn from some of the best Jewish mothers in the city ~ young and old! Through the pages of this website and over time, I look forward to expanding my own learning of the foods Jews eat; classic and trendy, vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free and dairy free.....and, all kosher.

Feeding a community

All aspects of Jewish life are expressed with food, both traditional and trendy. Kashrut adds layers of holiness and meaning. Join me in a community of Jewish cooks who are excited to share their regional specialties and global perspectives on food in a Jewish context. Become a Supporting Member ~ its' FREE! Build your profile, share your recipes and feel free to contact me with questions, requests and comments. 

May we all be blessed for the love we share through food ~ Leah


Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Super Bowl! Go Hawks!
Posted: February 2, 2014

I have tons of work to do. It is a gloriously sunny day, as opposed to the "cloud glare" of yesterday. That's my daughter's term for Seattle's bright sunless days....and, Happy Birthday, Rebekah! And, Happy Groundhog's wonder it feels like a national holiday here in the city. So much to celebrate. Happy Rosh Chodesh Adar!
Of course, the biggest to do in Seattle is over the Super Bowl game. Even people like me, who aren't avid fans, are nervous and doing whacky things like getting manicures with blue and green polish. Possibly the die-hard fans are resentful of the newly converted. Get over it!
Hawk Teri
This is my sister Teri's hand.

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Tradition! Fun with the Seattle International Film Festival
Posted: January 2, 2014

It's a new fiscal new year. Envisioning this week as a major opportunity to tie up the old and organize the new, my ugly chest cold of the past month is resurgent and I become a lump on the couch for 5 days. Detective Sturgis and Dr. Alex Delaware keep me company closing case after case of distasteful homicides compliments of Jonathan Kellerman. The President is on vacation, maybe war and famine is too: news is light. At some point, I'm a multitasking page turner and channel surfer. Tea steams my reading glasses as I watch Johnny Manziel play the field. Please HaShem! Don't turn me into a football fanatic; I really don't have time!


SIFF- Theatre



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QFC - University Village Kosher Spirits
Posted: January 5, 2013

I usually wander into liquor stores about once a year around Honey Cake season. I'm far too much of a control freak to let alcohol gain a foothold on my psyche. A little of the low alcohol content Bartenura's Moscato d'Asti now and then at shul is nice. But then, that whole designated walker thing is an issue when you live 2 miles away.

One couldn't even buy beer on Sunday between 2:00 am and noon or something crazy like that up until very recently. I find that out when I need beer for beer batter fish and chips. Brother. Feeling humiliated and demeaned as I'm chastized for attempting to purchase alcohol, it is unseemly to get belligerent. It has been said that sleep deprivation has the same affect as a high blood alcohol content. Hard to argue that I look like I do because I cooked all night....and, oh by the way where I go to pray everyone drinks and that was yesterday. Yes, I'm not much fun sober and I don't think it would be any better if I drank.


QFC Liqour - 1

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Kosherfest 2012
Posted: November 17, 2012

Kosherfest, an amazing tradeshow of who's who in the kosher food business, proceeds last week in Seacaucus, New Jersey despite the havoc brought on by hurricane Sandy. While areas of New Jersey are demolished, the Meadowlands Exposition Center is surprisingly unscathed.


Having attended Kosherfest in years past, I decide it would be fun to get a booth and join the party. Two years after launching, it is time to research kosher products and see what's new. Eager to fill my "kosher products pantry", we upload the winners of the Kosherfest New Products contest. I'll write more about those later; that said ~ my personal favorite is Jack's Gourmet Facon. Sizzling sample, hot off the grill, had me fooled. Yum-yum!

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Posted: May 16, 2012

Catering kosher in Seattle requires a ton of running around in a 12 mile loop. Smaller events need a little of this, a little more of that....all kosher, of course. Large events aren't much different. Food distributers don't carry much kosher. My shopping list is divided into 5 - 7 stops. Shopping is part of the process and, it takes a trained eye to always check for the hechsher. Benoit is great at all that running around especially when I need to be in the kitchen. Otherwise, my 'half day off' is spent in the van driving here and there in search of not only what I need, but new products.

A very special place in town is Pacific Food Importers. The owner is an older Italian who has been bringing foods from his homeland for decades. PFI is a distributer but I rarely need a truckload of anything. The warehouse, down the street from the retail outlet, is just another quick stop on the loop. The store is most understated fun and has morphed into a second-hand showcase of Italian/Mediterranean specialty foods. Their 30 foot cold case of exotic cheeses is impressive even if off limits.

Pig Van B


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